Today we found a rare visitor kayaking near Orlando

Old Squaw - Long-tailed Duck

Paddling the St Johns River today we hit the wildlife jackpot. Sunning Anhingas drying their wings, a Purple Gallinule guarding its kingdom, Limpkins with their chicks and a Bald Eagle just a few feet over our heads gave us a nice, close fly by. Then we saw it… what is that?!? It’s an Oldsquaw or as it’s called now a Long-tailed Duck. What a nice surprise! The Great Blue Herons are building their nests now and doing their wacky breeding dance. The Red-bellied Turtles were out sunning and a few respectably sized Alligators showed up to give us morning “Hello”. It was a beautiful day to be kayaking near Orlando!   #KayakingWithKenny  #BirdingWithKenny

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