Got a break from the conference and we're off to see Orlando's wild side!

Jen and friends up from Australia decided to take a break and visit Orlando’s wild side. Paddling Rock Springs Run is just an Uber driver away from Orlando and amazingly beautiful! The fog was still burning off the river as we started our drift downstream. Red-shouldered Hawks were calling as they flew overhead, Pileated Woodpeckers were clucking in the tree tops and the Limpkins were probing the weed beds for Apple Snails. The Red and Yellow-bellied Turtles that were sunning themselves shared their logs with a few Alligators while we watch from afar. Jen mentioned they don’t have Raccoons Down Under and she would love to see one but since they are primarily nocturnal we weren’t holding out much hope. Shortly after Jen said she wanted to see a Raccoon we spotted 2 milling about under a dock washing their meal in the run. How wacky is that! Mother Nature can be so surprisingly kind and such a blessing. After a short swim break we decided to try a little faster water and hit Emerald Cut which topped our day off nicely. What a fun bunch and a great day on the water!  

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