Kayaking with the Manatees November 27, 2012

Leslie shared this photo of her Manatee encounter with us, then in the next photo below, he rolls over and gives her a big grin! Thanks Leslie!!

Off we go, the Manatees are here, the Manatees are here! It's always a great experience to see these gentle creatures. The St Johns River has so much to offer. With the nature we got to enjoy, the Bald Eagles, Wood Storks, a few Gator heads in the Duck Weed, the Turtles out sunning and of course the Fall colors, it just makes for an adventure worth doing over and over ;-)


Marty and Becky said...

Hi Jenny,
We sure enjoyed Kenny and the tour today. Becky and I discussed the stark difference between Kenny’s approach to the tour as compared to the other tour company who was on the river simultaneously. The other guide sounded like a recorded message, just going through the motions. Kenny made the trip interesting and a lot of fun. He is a non-stop guy, at least for 3 hours.

Leslie said...

Here are some photos I took. One is of Kenny and fall colors. The other
2 are of the manatee who came up to my kayak, put his snout against the boat, then, backed off a little bit to roll and play. Delightful. And, although the St. Johns is so different from the Silver River, I enjoyed it a lot.