The sights and sounds of the St Johns River April 21, 2015

Don and Anne came out today for a little kayaking on the St Johns River. We set off around the island looking for the wildlife and soon we came upon a Little Blue Heron in the calico phase. Next the Great Egret and Great Blue Heron showed up, they were out gathering breakfast just a few feet away from each other. We found a sleeping Limpkin and when it woke up we got to hear that distinct Limpkin call. A Purple Gallinule stuck its head out of the weeds and the raptors were out soaring too. The Bald Eagle, Osprey, Red-shouldered Hawks and the Swallow-tailed Kites are in too, they are always a sight to see. We followed a Gator upstream awhile and saw a few others out sunning. The Button Bush and Primrose are starting to pop. It's definitely Springtime on the river!

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