Marshall's Rock Springs Run May 13, 2014

We got an early start this morning and were the first ones on the river.We could hear a Barred Owl as we paddled down and we stayed quiet hoping to see the Big Boy Gator that hangs out at the 40 ft hole. As we crept closer, there he was, it's an awesome site. We saw a Great Blue Heron, Limpkins, Swallow-tailed Kites and there are lots of Apple Snails Eggs on the vegetation. We also got to see several of the Turtles and a few other Gators were out sunning. It was a great morning paddle on the clear waters of Rock Springs Run.

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The Boyd's said...

Marshall posted;
Thanks for another memorable visit and a great tour. Hope to be back again next year, with more friends in tow. Marshall.