Kayaking with the wildlife Nov. 21, 2014

We launched our yaks on the St Johns River and headed over to the Island. There we saw a Great Blue Heron sitting on a nest... the first one of the year. The Anhingas, Cormorants (the Sentinels of the Springs ;-), Great Egrets, Snowy and Cattle Egrets were all together fishing and hunting up their breakfast and we got to see a few Little Blue Herons with several White Ibis. Down by the Springs the Manatees were coming through and we even got to have an encounter or two. On the way to Snake Creek we realized we were being escorted by a Manatee and in the swamps of the creek we were able to find a Barred Owl perched in the trees. As we headed back we came upon 3 small Gators sitting together sunning and between the company we shared and the wildlife we saw it was a fantastic day!

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