Kayaking the St Johns River and Blue Springs

We were a colorful bunch today paddling the St Johns River. April is a great time to be hanging outside. The Winter grays are fading to the greens of Spring and the animals are starting to nest. Right off the bat Allison and I had a Gator cross the river in front of us and we got a good look at him claiming his territory. He said “Hey” we said “Hey” and we all went on about our day. Paddling in Blue Springs is a real fantasy world and full of fish. The Air Plants are blooming while the Quill Leaf is reaching for the sun. The Gar Fish are stacked up together and the Turtles were out sunning too. The Cormorant held his post while Gerry and Mary kayaked by. They must have only been 8 feet away when they drifted past him. Leaving the spring run the Bald Eagle was our sentinel perched high in the trees. We could hear the Great Blue Heron chicks going off as they waited for more food. Snake Creek gave way to a few Purple Gallinules and we could hear the Red-shouldered Hawks flying around. The Osprey was out catching fish. The Green Heron we passed never moved a muscle. There were a few smaller Gators in the creek we got a peek at and several more sunning Turtles. Then the wind blew us back to the launch. The creations of Mother Nature never cease to amaze.     

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