Kayaking near Orlando November 1, 2014

A little bit of wind wasn't going to keep us off the St Johns River today and we got the have the river to ourselves ;-). Ian and Lexa, from NY City were game so we set off across the river to the treeline and what a difference! Paddling over there, the river was almost like glass. All the birds had the same idea. We saw Little Blue, Great Blue and Tri-colored Herons, Snowy and Great Egrets, Black-crowned Night Herons, White Ibis, Anhingas and Limpkins all out feeding. Most of the trees are turning their Fall colors on and the Cypress needles rained down on us as we made our way to Snake Creek. The creek is still swollen from the rains of September but that just makes for the opportunity to explore the swamps which is always a treat. On the way to the ramp we caught a glimpse of a Manatee that happened past us. Mother Nature was kind to us today and it made for a great day of paddling!

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