Kayaking Blackwater Lake, Eustis, FL April 28, 2014

We put in on Blackwater Creek at sun up and with the morning light coming through the trees you could start to make out the ghost stumps of ancient Cypress Trees that were logged in years gone by. Coming out of the dark creek we could see the sun shining on the lake in all it's glory. We skirted the edge under the old Cypress in a dream like state and took a break to walk up the Sand hill to look for Gopher Tortoises among the Prickly Pear Cactus. The old homestead can still be seen there and the outskirts of the yard by the old barn is a nice place to have a picnic. As we headed back down the creek, mid morning with a lot more light shining through the trees, it looked like a completely different place. Worth getting up before daylight??? Anytime Baby ;-)!

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The Boyd's said...

Steve wrote:
Thanks Jenny and Kenny. Had a great time as always.
- Steve