Kayaking the Silver River September 28, 2014

Centrally located to Daytona Beach, Orlando and Ocala is the Silver River. With it's headwaters being the second largest spring in Florida, it's an absolute treasure. Today we had the privilege of paddling with the Minnesotans. We got to visit with Male and Female Anhingas, Little Blue Herons both in their 1st year white phase and in their adult blue phase. The Black Crowned Night Herons were stalking in the Duckweed for food, the White Ibis were rooting around on the banks and resting in the trees overhead. The Wood Ducks, Pileated Woodpeckers, Moorhens and Great Blue Herons also came out as if to say "welcome to our river". There are lots of fresh Apple Snail Eggs now and the Red-bellied and River Cooter Turtles were sunning on the logs in abundance. We got to see a few Alligators and they tried their hand at some stealthy Gator Photography... as seen here at Minnesota Gator Adventurers ...We got to see a Monkey along the way and that little bit of rain we had? It just made for a great paddle.

George and Mary shared these photos with us. Thanks You Two!

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The Boyd's said...

George and Mary posted;

Kenny and Jen-

Thank you so much for the pictures! We've had a lot of fun telling our friends about the great time we had and our adventures as Florida gator hunters!

I've attached a few of our pics which you are welcome to use and I'll try to get on TripAdvisor to offer our endorsement.

The high here in sunny Minnesota will be 60 today and the leaves are changing and blowing around, so it is a beautiful fall day!

Thanks again for a wonderful time,

George and Mary