Kayaking the back waters of Orlando April 5th, 2014

Clear water, good weather and great paddling buddies always makes for an awesome time on the river. The Spider Lilies are starting to come out now. The Convict Caterpillars are doing their thing and the Apple Snails are laying eggs like crazy. There is a good amount of fresh water Muscles, Clams and 3 Whirl Snails in the shallows which is a sign of clean waterways. We found 3 young Gators sunning together and came up on a young non-venomous Brown Water Snake sitting on a Spatterdock. He must have been resting from his long journey across the river. Trying to hide from the Hawks is no easy task and what a colorful sight he was. A picnic at the old cabin and the beautiful blue sky capped the day off nicely.  

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Elizabeth posted:

Thanks so much! It was an awesome trip. I ordered two kayaks yesterday and can't wait to get out more. Thanks so much for the perfect introduction to such a lovely family friendly activity!