In search of Florida's Nature January 3, 2015

As we started off on our excursion of the St Johns River we headed toward the big island and found a Great Blue Heron sitting on the nest hoping for a mate. There were lots of White Ibis wading in the flooded swamp and then we headed to the Spring Run. We saw quite a few Manatees basking in the clear 72 degree waters of Blue Springs. As we paddled to Snake Creek we discovered a Momma Gator with her 4 babies. We encountered lots of medium to small sized Gators along the way as well as Yellow-bellied Peninsula Cooters and a few Red-bellied Cooter Turtles. Inside the creek we happened upon 2 Pileated Woodpeckers hunting for insects in the trees and a pair of Bald Eagles were the sentinels of the day.

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