Our St Johns River expedition with the Manatees January 11, 2014

30 mph winds could not stop us from having a good time! Thierry, Jessica and I just stayed up next to the tree line. We had many Manatees passing under us coming and going to the springs. The Red-shouldered Hawks were out chasing each other. The Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Little Blue Herons and Snowys were all out feeding after the 4 day cold spell. We didn't need to go far to see a lot of wildlife and the clear blue Florida sky was a welcome sight!

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Thierry said...


This was absolutely a breath of fresh air. My friend Jessica and I had a complete ball out on the water with your husband Kenny. And thank you for the pictures, they turned out great.

I will be back again in May when I come back from school. And I will sure to bring a bunch of my friends so I'm giving you a warning now, please expect a team of over 10 people! lol!

Once again thank you!

Kind Regards,