Our Florida Vacation Excursion July 14, 2013

Mike, Kim, Nick, Jen and Robin came over from the UK and paddled Rock Springs Run with us on Sunday. Starting off from King's Landing the sky looked like it was clearing...and it did! We only saw a few others paddling so the wildlife was with us. The gators came out to welcome us to their land and lunch at Big Buck provided us with a picnic table and lots of great eats! As we continued downstream the traffic increased and as we got safely loaded into our vehicle, the skies let loose with the much needed rains they had been holding back for us. Good timing, good paddling, lots of laughter and great fun! Isn't that what vacation is all about!?!

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Michael said...

Hi Jenny

Everyone was unanimous that we all had a great time and thanks to Kenny for making it so. As soon as we get home I will send you our own pictures.

Kind regards