Mother Nature's back at it again ;-) February 24, 2014

I see a Manatee tail, just under her bow

Manatee swirls!

Birds, Birds, Birds! We started out paddling around the island and there they were. We saw American Bitterns, Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons all in their breeding plumage along with Moorhens and White Ibis. The Sandhill Crane was sitting on the nest and that was just the beginning. We got to see a few Gators and some Turtles came out to say hello too. The Bald Eagle watched over us as we looked for the Manatees coming and going. Then a Mother and her Baby swam over and hung out for a bit. It was as if she was showing off her youngster. We got to see the one with the transponder on it too. It's always a nice "Pearl" when Mother Nature shows off her creations and we certainly appreciate her doing that for us ;-).


Rogers Olverson said...

Our group of six adults had a wonderful afternoon paddling the mellow St. John River. Kenny made sure we didn't miss any of the rich bird life or the manatees while being an easy companion. He is a natural naturalist. Everyone raved about this outdoor adventure.

Lee said...

Hi Kenny and Jen,

Thank you for an extraordinary experience!!