Kayaking with the Florida Gators August 26, 2013

Some folks come out to paddle with us and don't want any part of the Alligators. Today was not the case. Phil and Stephanie cruised Rock Springs Run with Kenny looking for them. On the way down there were a few Great Blue Herons out fishing, Turtles sunning and the Pickerel Weed and Elderberry are in bloom... but no Gators. However on the way back, we could hear them. The rumble that they make when they are talking with each other is unforgettable. As we rounded the corner there they were on the big log at the 40 ft hole. That log was covered with River Cooter, Slider and Red-bellied Turtles and there was even a Gator or 2. We hadn't been skunked! The Gators had performed for us all and we were quite happy to be sharing their river with them. They even let Phil jump in at the jumping tree ;-). Life is good!

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Phil and Steph said...


Thank you both so much! We had wonderful time out with Kenny but couldn't have got there without your help and advice Jen so thanks again.

The pictures are great, we've sent them back to our folks at home as they couldn't believe we shared the river with gators!!!!

We can't upload our pictures until we get home but if we have any good ones we'll send them in.

Many thanks again and hopefully will meet again,

Phil and Steph