Kayaking Volusia County Florida with the Manatees 11.12.13

11.12.13 was a great day for kayaking and looking for the wildlife. On the St Johns River in Volusia County a magical thing starts to happen in November...the Manatees make their Winter migration into the springs and the birds make their Winter migration to FL. This trip was a good day for both. The Bald Eagle watched over as we paddled toward the springs and the Snowy and Great Egrets with the Great Blue, Little Blue, and Green Herons decorated the river banks for us. The Ospreys and Black Vultures decorated the sky and once we moved from the tea colored river into the clear waters of Blue Springs the big Gator appeared. He was under the water sitting below a Manatee ;-). The Yellow-bellied Slider Turtles, Tarpon, Gar Fish, Bass, Bream, Tilapia, Catfish and Mullet were enjoying the warm spring water too. The Manatees are such gentle giants, it's really a treat to get to spend the morning with them.

Below is the underwater shot of the year!! Cheryl, captured these 3 photos with her waterproof camera and wow, what a shot this first one is. David and Carol also contributed with an awesome Great Blue Heron photo and one of Kenny...doing what he loves to do ;-). Thanks you guys for the contribution to a great set of memories!


David and Carol said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for the email and pictures. "Enjoyed" is only the beginning of today. We had a ball on our tour. Like I said to Kenny. It doesn't get much better than this. Wanting to see wild life, then to see a 10' gator snuggling with a manatee was priceless. Will definitely visit trip advisor and recommend you guys. Thank Kenny for us and will probably see you again.
David and Carol

Cheryl said...

Ya it was crazy as i was taking the pic, i could not see where he(the Gator) went because of the glare against the water. the first one took only got his feet, so i moved my hand a little and took another one.. my hand was still in the water and when the pic showed on the camera. i screamed a little lol. I was not expecting the picture. it was awesome !
Thanks again for the tour it was great! I hope to do mount dora area if and when y'all do that one.