Gator's day on Lil Amazon May 21, 2013

Brandon, Kathleen and Bernadette came out to do some kayaking on the river today and as they paddled Lil Amazon the Purple Gallinules showed up to say hello and welcome them to their river. The Great Blue and Tri-colored Herons did the same as well as the Anhingas, Red-winged Blackbirds, Boat-tailed Grackles, Red-shouldered Hawks, Turtles, Osprey, a few little Gators and the White Ibis. The lunch stop at Emeralda Island Marsh became more interesting than usual as the big Gators started calling to each other trying to find a mate. That sound is unmistakable, it's almost like a Lion's roar ;-).


Bernadette said...

Hi Jenny: Thank you for sending these! I very much enjoyed the trip, I would certainly come back for another. Kenny is a great guide. Thanks to you both. Bernadette

Brandon and Kathleen said...

Hey Kenny and Jen,

Thanks for the photos. Kathleen and I had a wonderful time. That was probably our favorite thing we did during our trip here. We will definitely be back to paddle with you on future trips down to Florida. Take care and hopefully we will see you guys in a few months. i hope to have a better camera by then. Thanks again.

Brandon and Kathleen