From Germany to Kayaking in Florida, life is good!

Axel and Tanja took a trek from Germany over to the US and we were happy to show them the Wekiva River. Along the way we were able to view the Osprey fishing along with the Little Blue Herons, White Ibis, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons. The Red-shouldered Hawks came calling to us too and the Red-bellied Turtles, Florida Peninsula Turtles and a baby Red-eared Slider showed up to bask in the sun. We saw a few Gators and one big one went splashing off as we paddled by. The weather was beautiful, a bit of coolness in the air, the river nice and slow moving and the big Florida Blue Sky lit the way.
Axel's Brown Water Snake

Axel's Gator and Re-bellied Turtle sharing a log, thanks for sending these pics Axel!!

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