Spring Break on Rock Springs Run April 5th, 2013

Rock Springs Run is always such a fun place to paddle, especially when you have a few brave souls to entertain you at the lunch stop ;-). Bob, Lydia, Matt, Jane, Joe, Windley, Vicky, Robert, Nancy, Kenny and I can attest to that!


Bob said...

Jenney & Kenny
great pictures! We greatly enjoyed the trip and wished we could have done more! We got back to Akron last night aound 9pm. Only saving grace is that the temperature almost hit 60 today, so it's beginning to warm-up in these northern climes! We hope it won't be too long before we return for more trips

Matt said...

Jen, hi, good morning to you from the UK

We have been back nearly a month, not quite, but we just had the most excellent holiday and loved our trip with Kenny and you; Joe is still talking about it – he is really pleased we have nearly 100 hits on the video, not exactly viral but he is happy!!!!!!!

Keep paddling

All the best