What tropical depression, It won't get US down ;-)

This is Nick's Gator

Nick's River Cooter

Nick's view ;-)

Nick's Limpkin, thanks for sharing Nick!

As "TD Debby" exits the state of Florida, Nick, Anita and Lydia enter Rock Springs Run. June 27th, 2012 turned out to be a great day for paddling!!!

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Nick, Anita and Lydia said...

Hi Jen & Kenny
Thanks for the tour today we had a great time, it was really interesting to see the beauty of natural Florida with its wildlife. Kenny was great with his knowledge of the surroundings and his patience with 3 novice kayakers.
I will forward a few photos that may be of interest,
Thanks for managing to find us another time slot due to TD Debbie.
All the best,
Nick, Anita and Lydia