Our kayak excursion on the St Johns River February 19th, 2012

Ah, what do you see? A baby gator basking in the sunshine!

Kay's Wild Turkeys, Thanks Kay!

Kay's "all dolled up" Great Blue Heron, Thanks for this one too Kay!
In search of the Manatee, we paddle the St Johns River. Kay, Nick, Nick and Angie, Andre and Brenden, Ben, Colin, Amir, Elly, Becky, Bill, Kenny and I are "all eyes on the water"...We know they're there, come out, come out where ever you are! Alas, at the very end of a tour that was filled with birds, gators, and lots of other wildlife, we finally see the illusive Manatee. Victory is Sweet!!!


Kay & Nick said...

Hi Kenny & Jen
Very many thanks for yesterday's trip. We all really enjoyed it.

The photos look great. We haven't yet had a chance to look through the ones we took but if we find a good one, we'll send it to you.

Kay & Nick

~ben said...

Thanks so much Jen.

we had a wonderful time and can you toss a big thank you to Kenny and everyone who helped make our adventure a wonderful one. it was great getting to see the manatees at the very last minute. Thank you for the photos and the next time we are back in florida...i will definitely call you up to schedule something.

take care.