October 1st, 2011 Rock Spring Run, one of our favorite places!


Steve and Cath came to the US on holiday and after playing at Disney and Universal decided on a  "Nature break". Allan and Lori drove down from Tallahassee, FL and we were all able to hook up on Rock Springs Run. The weather is cooling off, the Giant Swallowtail & Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies, the Damsel Flies, Turtles, a few Gators and some of the local wildlife ;-) (Carey Boyd and Friends) all graced us with their presence... it was an awesome day!

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Steve and Cath While said...

Hi Jen and Kenny,

Just got back a few hours ago (really should go to bed :) ).

Thanks for sending the pics and thank you for a wonderful trip. I have to admit that of all the things we did this holiday,
the kayak trip was THE highlight, and we couldnt have asked for anyone better to guide us than the both of you.

Unfortunately with all that rain over the weekend, we couldnt do anything for a couple of days, so lost any capacity in our itinerary to do another run with you this time but we will be back.

Forget Universal and Disney, a day with Jen and Kenny is the thing to do.

Cath was determined to try and do things this year that she normally didnt (kayaking was one of them) and she is really glad she did.
We did a trainer for a day experience at Gatorland where we both did the zipline over crocs and gators and you should have seen Cath sitting on the back of a seven foot gator who decided to go for a walk (and give Cath a ride!!)

If all goes well, we will see you again next year.

Take care and thanks ever so much for doing what you do.

Steve and Cath