A beautiful day and a beautiful time on the river 7/22/11

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Whether from Ireland or Longwood paddling Rock Springs Run is always a blast. Just ask the Hebert, Smith, McAuley and Freeman Families!


Brian and family said...

Hi Jenny
Arrived back home Northern Ireland early this morning - highlight of our holidays was kayaking with Kenny and his team. Kids really enjoyed and we will definitely be recommending yourselves and hopefully see you again next year.
Hopefully Lauren will have overcome her phobia of spiders and Kenny will not have to endure having to tow her around the river!

Take care and God bless - I will send a few photos of some of the wildlife that came out good.
Brian and family.

Jeff Freeman said...

thanks Jenny. it was quite fun and i enjoyed it quite well. i know i will want to do it again. i told my wife about the fun i had, and in a few years, when the kids are a bit older, i would love to bring them out as well. nice, relaxing and fun day.

thank you,