Photographing Florida's Springfed Rivers by Kayak

Steve and Denise Charron, during their visit to Florida, took a Photographers Tour of the Wekiva River. They're pictured here taking a break to have a picnic on the palm tree laden shoreline. Thanks guys so much for sharing these photos with us! To see their slide show, please visit the link below.


Denise Charron said...

Just thought you might like to see a few of our photos.
Tell Kenny the tour was the highlight of trip.
Thanks for a great time.


Steve and Denise Charron said...

Hello Jenny and Kenny, I want to thank you both for providing my wife and I an excellent tour of the Wekiva river. Denise & I definitely enjoyed the tour.

I am also enclosing a few of the pictures from the tour.

Steve & Denise