The Fischer's kayak excursion on Dora Canal 4/29/10

Reinhard, Kim and Kirstin over from Germany, explored the Dora Canal while on vacation. A very nice day to do so as well!


Kim, Kirstin and Reinhard Fischer said...

Hi Jenny,

We enjoyed the Kayaking tour with Kenny very much! It was wonderful to
experience the tranquillity of the "real" Florida after being in
Orlando ;-)

Thanks a lot for the fotos! We just returned home today and are going to scan our own fotos in the coming days. If we find fotos with Kenny on them, we'll send them to you in return.

Kim, Kirstin and Reinhard under the ashcloud (still)

Reinhard said...

Kim with a snake, Reinhard with an Alligator in the background. That's nice!